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[Day 1] Thursday 29th March
■Thursday 29th March Session 1 (10:00-12:00)■

1◇Okinawan Identities in the Performing Arts
Ibuka Hall

【Chairperson】Atsumi KANESHIRO (Okinawa Prefectural University of Arts)

・Ukwanshin-Odori as a Diplomatic Strategy
Toru ITAYA (Okinawa Prefectural University of Arts)
・The Acceptance of Western Music into the Modern Okinawan Education System
Wakana MISHIMA (Okinawa Prefectural University of Arts)
・Okinawan Performing Arts in the Okinawan Diaspora
Mina Endo (Doctoral course student, Okinawa Prefectural University of Arts)

【Discussants】Atsumi KANESHIRO, Toru ITAYA, Wakana MISHIMA, Mina ENDO
Language: Japanese

2◇Japan’s Super-High Longevity: Community and Local Government Adaptations in Northern Okinawa
Conference Room 1

【Chairperson】Toshihiko HASEGAWA (Nippon Medical School)

・Okinawan Heritage of Longevity: Its Preservation and Application in the Health Tourism and Other Industries in Ogimi Village
Kazuhiko TAIRA (Meio University)
・Okinawa’s Health Expectancy and Case of Nakijin Village as the Model of Healthy Longevity
Sugako KURIMORI (Ibaraki Christian University)

【Discussant】Sumiko OGAWA (Meio University)

Language: Japanese

3◇The Nikolai Nevsky Jubilee Panel Session (His Birth, the 120th Anniversary) ―― Nikolai Nevsky’s Studies on Okinawa Until Now and From Now On ――
Conference Room 2

【Chairperson】Kyuzo KATO (International Silk Road Academy)

・They led N. A. Nevsky to the Miyako Islands: The Little Known History of E. D. Polivanov and A. Wirth
Mizue TANAKA (The Japanese Society for Okinawan Studies)
・NEVSKY on MIYAKO─ Unpublished Materials on Ryukyuan Ethnology, Folklore and Dialect
Evgeny S. BAKSHEEV (Research Center for Japanese Studies, Russian Institute for Cultural Research)

【Discussants】Vladimir M. ALPATOV (Institute of Oriental Studies of Russian Academy of Sciences), Patrick HEINRICH (Dokkyo University)

Language: Japanese

4◇Struggle for Our “Okinawan Studies”: Viewed from Uchinaa Unai (Okinawan Women) Today
Conference Room 3

【Chairperson】Rinda YAMASHIRO KAYATANI (Doctoral Program, University of Hawai’i at Mānoa)

・Positionality: Our Way of Doing Okinawan Studies
・Toward Sustainable Self-determination: Okinawan Studies from Indigenous Perspective
Megumi CHIBANA (Master in Indigenous Politics Program, University of Hawai’i at Mānoa)
・Lessons of Kanaka Maoli: Decolonization of Education(to be read on the author’s behalf)
Yukari AKAMINE (Okinawa International University, Okinawa Christian University, Meio University)
・Practicing Our Okinawan Studies: Challenges of Revitalization of the Ryukyuan Languages
Shinako OYAKAWA (Doctoral Program in Comparative Culture and Area Studies, University of the Ryukyus)
・ “From Unai to Unai”: Post-reversion Generation’s Challenges in Continuing History of Unai Festival
Chihiro SAKIHARA (Doctoral Program in Department of American Studies, University of Hawai’i at Mānoa)

【Discussant】Ikue KINA (University of the Ryukyus)

Languages: Japanese, Uchinaa-guchi, Uchinaa-Yamato-guchi, English

5◇Ritual and Religion of Kudaka Island:
Studies Based on “Kudaka Digital Archives of 1980s Images” No. 1

Ono Memorial Hall

・Sorui-ganashi and the System for Worship of the Village
Naohiko INUI (Gakushuin Women’s College)
・Rebirth of Fa-ganashi, Grandmother of Kudaka
Minao KITAMURA (Visual Folklore Inc.)
・Phithachi and Rituals in August
Maki MISHIMA (Gakushuin University)
・Rituals for First Harvest of Wheat
Kazuyuki KOYAMA (The Japanese Society for Okinawan Studies)

Language: Japanese

■Thursday 29th March Session 2 (13:30-15:30)■

6◇The ‘Uchi’ and ‘Soto’ of Okinawan Music in the Mass Media
Ibuka Hall

【Chairperson】Susumu KUMADA (Okinawa Prefectural University of Arts Research Institute)

・The Role of the Record Industry on Recent Okinawan Music
Miki TAKAHASHI (Kōchi University)
・The Movement and Interaction of People, Music and Media in the Okinawan Diaspora
Shinya KURIYAMA (Graduate Student, Osaka University)
・Views of Okinawan Music from ‘Outside’
Matt GILLAN (International Christian University)

【Discussants】Susumu KUMADA, Miki TAKAHASHI, Shinya KURIYAMA, Matt GILLAN

Language: Japanese

7◇Knowledge,Technology and Transnationality: Re-thinking Hawaii-Okinawa Relations in the Cold War and Post-Cold War Asia-Pasific Contexts
Conference Room 1

【Chairperson】Mire KOIKARI (University of Hawai’i at Mānoa)

・’Helping Others Help Themselves’: Okinawa, Hawaii and Cold War International Technical Interchanges
Mire KOIKARI (University of Hawai’i at Mānoa)
・Collaboration of University of Hawaii and Okinawa Prefectural Chubu Hospital: Its History and D evelopment in Past, Present, and Future
Masao MAESHIRO (University of Hawai’i, Graduate Program in Clinical Studies)
・Okinawan Studies at the University of Hawaii
Bob HUEY (University of Hawai’i at Mānoa)

【Discussant】Masahide ISHIHARA (University of the Ryukyus)

Language: English

8◇Okinwan Language and Culture Courses and Instructional Materials / Dictionaries Development
Conference Room 2

【Chairperson】Joyce CHINEN (University of Hawai’i – West Oahu)

・Okinawan Reference Works in English
Stewart CURRY (University of Hawai’i)
・Honolulu Community College ni okeru Okinawago no Kurasu no Kaihatsu
K. Justin OTA (Honolulu Community College)
・Okinawa Kokusai Daigaku ni okeru Okinawa Jijoo Kyooiku – Kyoozai Kaihatsu o tooshite
Tomoko OSHIRO (Okinawa International University)

【Discussant】Kyoko HIJIRIDA (University of Hawai’i)

Language: English (Curry), Japanese (Ota, Oshiro)

9◇Multiple Views toward the “Reversion”: The Issue of Okinawa’s Postwar Status and the Positionality of Okinawans with Transnational/Transborder Experiences- Zaigai dōhō, Beiryū gumi, and Okikyōshoku
Conference Room 3

【Chairperson】Junko TAKAHASHI (Japan Women’s University)

・Beiryū gumi and the “Reversion”: Identity Formation and Negotiations of the US Educated Okinawans
Kinuko MAEHARA YAMAZATO (PhD Candidate in Sociology, University of Hawai‘i at Mānoa)
・Education and the “Reversion” : From a Case Study of Okinawakyōshokuinkai and Ryuukyuuikueikai
Junko TAKAHASHI (Japan Women’s University)
・Support from Overseas Compatriots (zaigai dōhō) for “Reversion” to Japan── Debates in Japan and Hawai’i over the Okinawa Status Issue of 1951
Satoko UECHI (Ph.D student of Graduate School of Political Science, Waseda University)

【Discussant】Yuki SATO (Director of Japan Association for Island Studies)

Language: Japanese

10◇Ritual and Religion of Kudaka Island:
Studies based on “Kudaka Digital Archives of 1980s Images” No. 2
[Forum for the Ritual and Religion of Kudaka Island]

Ono Memorial Hall

【Participants of the Forum】
Naohiko INUI (Gakushuin Women’s College)
Minao KITAMURA (Visual Folklore Inc.)
Maki MISHIMA (Gakushuin University)
Kazuyuki KOYAMA (The Japanese Society for Okinawan Studies)
Masanobu AKAMINE (Ryukyu University)
Eikichi HATERUMA (Okinawa Prefectural University of Arts)
Yoko KOYANO (Institute for the Study of Japanese Folk Culture, Kanagawa University)
Paesoon KIM (Institute for the Study of Japanese Folk Culture, Kanagawa University)

Language: Japanese

■Thursday 29th March Session 3 (16:00-18:00)■

11◇ What is “Kumi-odori”: The Tradition and Transmission of “Kumi-odori”
Ibuka Hall

【Chairperson】Satoshi NISHIOKA (Okinawa International University Institute for Ryukyuan Culture)

・On the Transmission of “Kumi-odori”
Keiichi KARIMATA (Okinawa International University Institute for Ryukyuan Culture)
Shigeo MIYAGI (Okinawa International University Institute for Ryukyuan Culture)
・On the “Kata” (dance patterns) of “Kumi-odori”
Taikyu MAEZATO (The Okinawa Times)
・On the Body in “Kumi-odori”
Yuki TABA (Okinawa International University Institute for Ryukyuan Culture)

【Discussants】Keiichi KARIMATA, Yuki TABA, Taikyu MAEZATO, Shigeo MIYAGI

Language: Japanese

12◇Individual Presentations: Environment
Conference Room 1

【Chairperson】Hiroshi KAKAZU (Meio University)

・Reef Cultures: The History of Shiraho From An Aquacentric Perspective
Annie CLAUS (Yale University Doctoral Candidate)
・Okinawan Development Policy Discourse: Then and Now
Lonny E. CARLILE (University of Hawai’i at Mānoa)
・An Analysis of the Spatial and Temporal Development of Okinawa’s Tourism: Infrastructure and Economy and Outlook at Alternatives for Island Economies
David NGUYEN (University of Hawai’i at Mānoa)
・Theoretical and Practical Implications of the Tourism Area Life Cycle for Okinawa and Hawaii: A Comparative Analysis
Russell UYENO (University of Hawai’i, Honolulu Community College)
Takehiko KOZUE (Kyoei University)

Language: English, Japanese

13◇Individual Presentations: Military Bases (1)
Conference Room 2

【Chairperson】Rosa CAROLI (Ca’Foscari University of Venice)

・The U.S. Military Bases’ Violence against Women─Stand up for Women’s Rights
Yacine MANCASTROPPA (Ca’Foscari University of Venice)
・What’s Going on Behind Those Blue Eyes? The Perception of Okinawan Women by US Military Personnel in Okinawa
Nika NASHIRO (MA student,University of Hawai’i at Mānoa)
・Constructing Politics in Okinawa. Culture, Memory, and Identity
Gabriele VOGT (University of Hamburg)

Language: English

14◇Shadow of Reversion : Anti-Reversion Movement, Anti-War GI Movement and Literature on Okinawa
Conference Room 3

【Chairperson】Masashi TOKUDA (The University of Tokyo Graduate School of Arts and Sciences Department of Advanced Social and International Studies)

・Anti-reversion Movement in Okinawa in the late 1960s:An Interpretation from the Anarchist Theory
Jun MATSUDA (Hitotsubashi University Graduate School of Language and Society)
・Aniti-war and GI Movement in Okinawa during Vietnam War
Masashi TOKUDA (The University of TokyoGraduate School of Arts and Sciences, Department of Advanced Social and International Studies)
・The Moment of Solidarity : On Nagado Ekichi’s ‘Kokujingai’
Yoko MURAKAMI (The University of Tokyo Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, Department of Language and Information Sciences)

Language: Japanese

15◇Okinawan Performing Arts Workshop
(Co-sponsored by the Organization for Asian Studies)
Ono Memorial Hall

[Part 1] A Study of Chondarā (Wataru SHINJO) / Original Eisā (Team Ryukyu Korabo)
[Part 2] Traditional Ryukyuan Dance (Izumi HIGA & Yoshikazu SANABE)
◇ Welcome Reception (18:30-20:30)
Venue: Restaurant Nantei, 1st Floor, Okuma Kaikan

[Day 2] Friday 30th March
■Friday 30th March Session 1 (10:00-12:00)■

16◇Obsession of an Okinawan Cultural Image as “a Museum of Ancient Japan” in Okinawan Culture Studies
Ibuka Hall

【Chairperson】Tsutomu IYORI (Kyoto University)

・The Origin of a Cultural Image “Okinawa as a Museum of Ancient Japan” and it’s obsession in the following years: Compared with Structural and Historical approaches
Tsutomu IYORI (Kyoto University)
・Originality of Okinawan Cultures Viewed from the Perspectives of Ecological Anthropology and Man-Nature Relationships
Takako YAMADA (Kyoto University)
・Reconsideration upon Iha Fuyu’s conception of “Old-Ryuchu” viewed from a Historical distinction among “the State in Antiquity,” “the Early State” and “Medieval State”
Kazuyuki TOMIYAMA (University of the Ryukyus)

【Discussants】Takako YAMADA, Kazuyuki TOMIYAMA

Language: Japanese

17◇Individual Presentations: Autonomy
Conference Room 1

【Chairperson】Hiroshi KOMATSU (Waseda University Institute of Ryukyuan and Okinawan Studies)

・The Importance of Rethinking “Okinawa” after the Change of Government and 2011 Tōhoku Earthquake and Tsunami: Self-Governing and Independence Movements As Critiques of Developmentalism of Japan
Michihiro AKIYAMA (Ph.D. student, Hitotsubashi University)
・Social Movements in “Hondo” (the Mainland of Japan) regarding the “Reversion” of Okinawa: Composite Practices among Activists from Okinawa, Japan, and Foreign Countries
Mitsuaki ONO (Research Assistant/Graduate Student, Graduate School of Core Ethics and Frontier Sciences, Ritsumeikan University)
・“Separation” in the Postwar History of Japan and Okinawa
Radomir COMPEL (Yokohama National University)
・The “Modern” Era in the Text of Iha Fuyu: the Expectation of His Cosmopolitanism
Sana SAKIHAMA (The University of Tokyo, Department of Interdisciplinary Cultural Studies, Culture and Representation Course, fourth year undergraduate)

Language: Japanese

18◇Individual Presentations: Migrations (1)
Conference Room 2

【Chairperson】Shigeko MATO (Waseda University)

・Post-war Okinawa Migration to Bolivia
Pedro IACOBELLI (PhD candidate,Australian National University)
・Okinawan Migration to Mexico: Beginnings and Revolutionary Period
Emma MENDOZA (PhD, University of Colima)
・Being of Okinawan Ancestry in Peru and in Japan-Instrumentalizing Okinawan Identity amongst Nikkei Peruvians
Anna SUEYOSHI (Utsunomiya University)

Language: English

19◇Individual Presentations: Representations (1)
Conference Room 3

【Chairperson】Hidehiko MOTOHAMA (Okinawa Christian University)

・The Dynamism and Fluctuation of“Okinawan Identity”as Seen in the Changing Names of Karate
Toru KADEKARU (PhD Program, Graduate School of Sport Sciences, Waseda University)
・Images of the Battle of Okinawa from an Art Historical Perspective
Seisaku OKUMA (Graduate School of Letters, Arts and Sciences, Waseda University)
・Repositioning the Culture of Ryukyu Glass: An Ethnography of Craftsmen in Okinawa
Yuriko SHIMIZU (Doctoral course in Social Science, Graduate School of Social Sciences Hitotsubashi University)
・Harvard Dissertation on the Classical Music of the Ryukyus
Eitetsu YAMAGUCHI (Yale & Okinawa Prefectural College of Nursing (Ret.))

Language: Japanese

20◇Shinsaku-kumiodori: Theatrical Intersections of Okinawan/Japanese Identity Construction
Ono Memorial Hall

【Chairperson】Shoko YONAHA (University of the Ryukyus)

・The Representation of Women in Okinawan Theatre: From Shakespeare to Shinsaku-kumiodori
Masae SUZUKI (Kyoto Sangyo University)
・Shinsaku-kumiodori and the ‘Interperformative’ in Okinawa John D. SWAIN (California State University)
・Ōshiro Tatsuhiro’s Shinsaku-kumiodori: Revitalization of Okinawan Performing Arts
Shoko YONAHA (University of the Ryukyus)

【Discussant】Wesley UEUNTEN (San Francisco State University)

Language: English, Japanese

■Friday 30th March Session 2 (13:30-15:30)■

21◇Trauma and Violence in Contemporary Fiction from Okinawa
Ibuka Hall

【Chairperson】Davinder BHOWMIK (University of Washington)

・The Emergence of the Basetown in Contemporary Fiction
Davinder BHOWMIK (University of Washington)
・Spatially Proximate Postmemory: Space, Place and Trauma in Medoruma Shun’s War Fiction
Kyle IKEDA (University of Vermont)
・Confronting the Ghosts of the Past: Memory and Rupture in Sakiyama Tami’s Kuja Stories
Victoria YOUNG (Ph.D Candidate,University of Leeds)

【Discussant】Michael MOLASKY (Hitotsubashi University)


22◇Individual Presentations: Military Bases (2)
Conference Room 1

【Chairperson】Takayoshi EGAMI (Waseda University)

・Unique Characteristics of External Activities of the Okinawa Prefectural Government towards the US Government on the Issue of Reduction and Realignment of US Military Bases in Okinawa
Norio NAKA (Toyoeiwa University)
・The Administrative Process and Legal Framework of Bomb Disposal and Related Legal Questions
Wataru OSHIRO (Meio University)
・Tourism Hegemony in Okinawa, Signification and Evolution
Mike PEREZ (PhD Student, University of Lyon 3-IETT)

Language: Japanese

23◇Individual Presentations: Anthropology
Conference Room 2

【Chairperson】Masaharu KASAHARA (National Museum of Ethnology)

・The Subjectivity of Okinawan Village Community in the Change from Somayama to US Military base- The Micro・Macro History in the Kin Town
Pilsu JIN (The Institute for Japanese Studies, Seoul National University)
・Natural Resources Fosters Autonomous Living: A Case Study of Ada Community Store in Kunigami
Yuko TAKASAKI (Hokkaido University Graduate School of Letters, Doctoral Course)
・Inheritance of Memorial Tablet and Women: Reality of Original House of Ancestor-oriented Group (Munchu)
Motoaki TAKEI (University of Tsukuba)

Language: Japanese

24◇Memories of People, Memories of Land:Looking at Living Spaces
Conference Room 3

【Chairperson】Akiko YAMASHIRO (Uruma city History Compilation Department, Shimamigui Regional study group)

・Looking at Residential Mobility of SAMURE in Shuri Using Old Maps: People That Moved and People That Stayed Daisaku KINA (Naha city Museum of History, Shimamigui Regional study group)
・Marriage, Birth and the Separation of the SAMURE Class in Early-modern Ryukyuan Genealogies, with a Focus on Women Akiko YAMASHIRO (Uruma city History Compilation Department, Shimamigui Regional study group)
・The Process of the Wartime Public Mobilization System: A Case Study of Ogimi Village
Reiko AKAMINE (Okinawa Prefectural Peace Memorial Museum, Shimamigui Regional study group)
・The Memory of the (American) Bases – Scenic Recovery through Aerialphotographs and Place Names
Ryouzou KINJOU (Ginowan city History Compilation Department, Shimamigui Regional study group)

【Discussants】Reiko AKAMINE, Daisaku KINA, Ryouzou KINJOU

Language: Japanese

■Friday 30th March Session 3 (16:00-18:00)■

25◇The Realities of the War Dead in Okinawa
Ibuka Hall

【Chairperson】Hiroshi DOI (MONOTSUKURI, Institute of Technologists)

・Spirituality and dialogues of the dead in contemporary Okinawa
Takehiro SATO (Taisho University)
・Local Residents and Their Memorial Space: Results of Field Work in the Okinawa Honto Island
Kazuhiro UESUGI (Kyoto Prefectural University)
・An Outline of the Search and Recovery Service for the Remains of WWII Dead in Southern Okinawa by Konkokyo
Hiroshi DOI (MONOTSUKURI, Institute of Technologists)

【Discussants】Kenta AWAZU (Nanzan Institute for Religion and Culture), Kokyo MURAKAMI (Taisho University)

Language: Japanese

26◇Future Vision of Okinawa: Beyond the Promotion and Development Framework—Toward the Construction of a Sustainable Economy and Society in Okinawa
Conference Room 1

【Chairperson】Takayoshi EGAMI (Waseda University)

・Review the Economic Policy in Okinawa
Mitsuyoshi KAWASE (Kyoto Prefectural University)
・Political Economy in Loochoo under Colonialism: Towards the Decolonization of Loochoo
Yasukatsu MATSUSHIMA (Ryukoku University)
・Towards Urban Renaissance for Former U.S. Military Bases in Okinawa
Miki MAKIYA (Osaka City University)

【Discussant】Yukio SATOH (The University of Toyama)

Language: Japanese

27◇Individual Presentations: Migrations (2)
Conference Room 2

【Chairperson】Toyotomi MORIMOTO (Waseda University)

・Changing “Borders“ and People: Examining “Smuggling” in the Ryukyu Islands from a Political-SociologicalPerspective-1949-1951
Yasuhito KOIKE (Ph.D. Student, Hosei University)
・Non-regular Passage and Demographic Shift between Amami and Okinawa under U.S. Forces Rule
Ayako MIKAMI (Hosei University Institute for Okinawan Studies)
・The Training and Immigration Programs of Okinawan Fishermen in Hawaii
Manako OGAWA (National Fisheries University)

Language: Japanese

28◇Individual Presentations: Representations (2)
Conference Room 3

【Chairperson】Ikue KINA (University of the Ryukyus)

・Reconsideration of the “Okinawa Ijyu” Discourse :The Image of Migrants in Kirino Natsuo’s “Metabora” and Postcolonialism
Naoko SUDO (Graduate School of Letters, Arts and Sciences, Waseda University, Doctor Course)
・Constructions of Okinawa in Media and Literature: A Postcolonial Struggle about Representation
Ina HEIN (University of Vienna)
・Shimota Seiji’s Ryoshû no nageki (Prisoner’s Lament)
Irena POWELL (University of Sheffield)

Language: English

■Friday 30th March Session 4 (18:30-20:30)■

29◇The Battle of Okinawa and Its Traumatic Aftermath
Ibuka Hall

【Chairperson】Koichi NAKA (University of the Ryukyus)

・Memories of the War and Mental Disorders in Okinawa
Tsuyoshi Kitamura(Waseda University)
・The Scars of the War in a Village in the South of Okinawa Main Island
Fujiko Toyama(Okinawa Prefectural College of Nursing)
・The Aftermath of Compulsory Mass Suicides
Harumi Miyagi(University of the Ryukyus)
・Mentally-Disabled Persons and their Domestic Confinement in Postwar Okinawa
Tatsuto Uehara(Takahashi Clinic)
・The Battle of Okinawa and Things They Cannot Speak of
Naomi Jahana(The Okinawa Times)

【Discussant】Naoko MIYAJI (Hitotsubashi University)

Language: Japanese

30◇About Administrative Orders and Notices of Okinawa Prefecture before the Second World War: Structure of the “Okinawa Modern Law” and Its Historic Character
Conference Room 1

【Chairperson】Kenji MORI (Ibaraki Christian University)

・About the Formation of the local Government System in Okinawa
Tatsuo YANO (Hiroshima Shudo University)
・About Administrative Orders and Notices of Okinawa Prefecture before the Second World War
Satoshi AOSHIMA (Aichi Education University)
・About the “Allotment of Grounds System” (Jiwari-seido) in Ryukyu (Okinawa)
Osamu TASATO (Okinawa University)
・About the “Village Laws” in Okinawa
Katsuyasu TAIRA (Okinawa Workers’ Credit Union)
・About the Enterprise of the Ground Readjustmen (Tochi-Seiri Jigyo) in Okinawa
Isao MAKITA (Setsunan University)

【Discussants】Tatsuo YANO, Satoshi AOSHIMA, Osamu TASATO, Katsuyasu TAIRA, Isao MAKITA

Language: Japanese

31◇Spaces and Memories: The Relationships of Okinawa-Republic of China and That of Okinawa-Republic of Korea in “Employment of Non-Ryukyuans” after WW2
Conference Room 2

【Chairperson】Kenji KIMURA (Simonoseki City University)

・On the Employment of Taiwanese around Reversion: Focusing on the Relationships between “Okinawa” and Republic of China
Shohei YAO (Ph.D candidate in Tokyo Metropolitan University)
・On the Employment of Koreans as Special Measures of Reversion: Focusing on its Backgrounds and Repercussions   Masaru TONOMURA (The University of Tokyo)

【Discussants】Toyomi ASANO (Chukyo University), Takashi YAMAZAKI (Osaka City University), Kenrai KOU (The University of Tokyo Graduate School of Arts and Sciences)

Language: Japanese

32◇The Ryukyu Archipelago without Ryukyuan Languages?
Conference Room 3

【Chairperson】Kiyoshi HARA (Joshibi University of Art and Design)

・Ryukyuan Language Endangerment Masahide ISHIHARA (University of the Ryukyus)
・Ryukyuan Language Documentation  Michinori SHIMOJI (Gunma Prefectural Women’s University)
・The Prospects of Ryukyuan Language Revitalization Patrick HEINRICH (Dokkyo University)

【Discussant】Hidenori MASHIKO (Chukyo University)

Language: Japanese

33◇Kumiodori (Okinawan dance-drama)
Ono Memorial Hall

[Performers] Okinawa Shibai Jikken Gekijō (沖縄芝居実験劇場): Seigi Tamagusuku and others
[Performance] Hanauri no en (「花売の縁」)
[Commentary] Michihiko KAKAZU

[Day 3] Saturday 31st March
■Saturday 31st March Session 1 (10:00-12:00*) *Panel 37:10:00-12:30■

34◇Okinawan Society through Repatriates: Their Colonial Experience and Its Relevance to “Post-War” Recovery
Ibuka Hall

【Chairperson】Hidekazu SENSUI (Kanagawa University)

・Planning for Post-WW2 Independent Ryukyu’s Economic Rehabilitation by Sending Emigration to Mariana Islands; Including a History of Emigration into South America
Toyomi ASANO (Chukyo University)
・Colonial Experience of Okinawans Educator and Educated in Taiwan and Their Contributions to “Post-War” Recovery in Okinawa
Ikuko OHAMA (University of the Ryukyus)
・My Island Japanese or American: An Okinawan Cultural Affairs Officer in Colonial Taiwan and the Ryukyus under U. S. Occupation
Hidekazu SENSUI (Kanagawa University)

【Discussant】Pilsu JIN (Soul National University)

Language: Japanese

35◇Recent Advances in Ryukyu Prehistory
Conference Room 1

【Chairperson】Hiroto TAKAMIYA (Sapporo University)

・Prehistory of the Ryukyu Archipelago: A Biogeographical Perspective
Hiroto TAKAMIYA (Sapporo University)
・Recent Findings on the Pleistocene ‘Homo Sapience’ in the Ryukyu Archipelago
Masaki FUJITA (Okinawa Prefectural Museum& Art Museum)
・Social Changes during the Shellmidden Period Takayuki SHINZATO (Kagoshima University)
・Three Major Changes during the Gusuku Period
Tetsuya SETO (Okinawa Prefecture Archaeological Center)


Language: Japanese

36◇Individual Presentations: The Battle of Okinawa
Conference Room 2

【Chairperson】Tsuyoshi KITAMURA (Waseda University, Institute of Ryukyuan and Okinawan Studies)

・Life History of Emmigrants in Philippine under Japanese Occupation ―A Case of a Fisherman Family Out of Going from Itoman Village of Okinawan Island―
Hisako KATO (Hosei University Institute for Okinawan Studies)
・The Boundary Surrounding Officially-recognized / Non-recognized Death and Instability of Narrating Personal Experience Sungman KOH (Ph.D Student, Kyoto University)
・Possibilities of ‘Narrating Someone’s Memory to Others’: With Focus on Peace Guides in Okinawa
Naoko YOSHIDA (Graduate School of University of Sacred Heart)

Language: Japanese

37◇Transborder Resources on Okinawa: From the Past to the Future for Effective and Sustainable Resource Development, Access, and Sharing (※Time: 10:00-12:30)
Conference Room 3

【Chairperson】Tokiko Y. BAZZELL (University of Hawai’i at Mānoa Library)

・Supporting Ryukyu/Okinawa Studies: Library Resources in Europe
Izumi K. TYTLER (Bodleian Japanese Library, University of Oxford)
・Okinawa Resources: Supporting Ryukyu/Okinawa Studies on the North American Continent
Sachie NOGUCHI (C.V. Starr East Asian Library, Columbia University)
・Okinawa Resources in Hawaii: Opportunities and Challenges to Resource Support for Ryukyu/Okinawa Studies
Tokiko Y. BAZZELL (University of Hawai’i at Mānoa Library)
・Okinawa Prefectural Archives and its Holdings
Kazuhiko NAKAMOTO (Okinawa Prefectural Archives)
・Okinawa Resource Development and Access: Working toward Information Sharing
Kumiko KOJA (University of the Ryukyus Library)
Chinatsu TOMITA (University of the Ryukyus Library)

Language: Japanese; Discussion also welcome in English

38◇Bypassing Okinawan History
Ono Memorial Hall

【Chairperson】Christopher T. Nelson (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill)

・Voice-overs on Jinruikan
Kazuma MAETAKENISHI (Waseda University Institute of Ryukyuan and Okinawan Studies)
・Takamine Go’s Time Bomb Christopher
T. NELSON (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill)
・The Entry of Mainland Sugar Capital and the Impossibility of Plantation Sugar in Okinawa
Wendy MATSUMURA (Furman University)
・A Silent History: Okinawa Shrine
Tze M. Loo (University of Richmond)

【Discussant】Ichiro TOMIYAMA (Osaka University)

Language: English, Japanese

■Saturday 31st March Session 2 (13:30-15:30)■

39◇Influence of US Bases on Local Society :Henoko, Takae and Guam
Ibuka Hall

【Chairperson】Hiroyuki KUMAMOTO (Meisei University)

・What Have US Bases Brought to the Local Society? : A Case of Henoko, Nago-city
Hiroyuki KUMAMOTO (Meisei University)
・Outcomes and Challenges of the Sit-in Movement by Takae Residents: From the Perspective of Anti-construction of Helipads and Local Security
Yasushi IKEO (Ritsumeikan University)
・Rethinking the Militarization of Guam: The Military Bases on a Colony of the United States
Reo NAGASHIMA (Hosei University)

【Discussant】Osamu TADA (Hitotsubashi University)

Language: English, Japanese

40◇The Epic Songs of Miyako Island: The Festival and Songs at Karimata, the Yukui Festival and Songs at Nishihara
Conference Room 1

【Chairperson】Shigeo TAKEUCHI (The Japanese Society for Okinawan Studies)

・The Epic Songs of Karimata, Miyako Island
Kosyo SHINZATO (The Japanese Society for Okinawan Studies)

【Discussant】Kozo UEHARA (The Japanese Society for Okinawan Studies)

Language: Japanese

41◇Learning Materials on Migration: Colonial Okinawa, Yaeyama-Taiwan Relations, and Amerasians
Conference Room 2

【Chairperson】Hiroko MATSUDA (Japan Society for the Promotion of Science, Sophia University)

・Welcome to Okinawa in Bolivia: High School Learning Materials
Akiko HENTONA (Okinawa Prefectural Naha Kokusai Senior High School)
・Learning Materials Pertaining to the Relationship between Yaeyama and Taiwan
Yoshitaka MATSUDA (The Yaeyama Mainichi Shinbun)
・Amerasians Learning/Learning about Amerasians: Visual Materials Revealing Another Okinawa
Naomi NOIRI (University of the Ryukyus)

【Discussant】Toyotomi MORIMOTO (Waseda University)

Language: Japanese

42◇Individual Presentations: History
Conference Room 3

【Chairperson】Eikichi HATERUMA (The Japanese Society for Okinawan Studies, Okinawa Prefectural University of Arts)

・A Reconstruction of Omoro, Ryukyuan Ancient Chants
Akira MATSUNAGA (Waseda University Institute of Ryukyuan and Okinawan Studies)
・On the postponement of the Ryukyuan embassy of 1860
Marco TINELLO (Ph.D. Candidate at Ca’ Foscari Univesity of Venice)
・Image of Japan in Okinawan Traditional Songs “Omoro” and “Ryuka”
Jana URBANOVÁ (PhD. Student, Hosei University Graduate School of Humanities)

Language: Japanese

■Saturday 31st March Session 3 (16:00-18:00)■

43◇Narrating the Experience of Okinawan Female Migrants in the Japanese Mainland, Micronesia, and Taiwan
Ibuka Hall

【Chairperson】Shinzo ARARAGI (Sophia University)

・The Experience of Okinawan Female Workers in Japan’s SpinningFactories (1906-1944)
Michiko OSHIRO (Independent Scholar)
・The Experience of Okinawan Women in Japanese Micronesia
Akiko MORI (Ph.D. Student, KyotoUniversity)
・Migration from Miyako Island to Colonial Taiwan: A Case Study of Female Life Histories
Hiroko MATSUDA (Japan Society for the Promotion of Science, Sophia University)

【Discussant】Kayo SAWADA (Okinawa International University Institute for Ryukyuan Culture)

Language: Japanese

44◇Okinawa as an International Actor: Okinawan Relations with Outside after World War II
Conference Room 1

【Chairperson】Tomoki KUNIYOSHI (Waseda University)

・Okinawa’s Position in late 1950s U.S. Policy toward Northeast Asia: A Comparison with the Cases of Japan, South Korea and Taiwan
Kenrai KOU (The University of Tokyo Graduate School of Arts and Sciences)
・Yara Chobyo’s Administration and its External Relations around 1970 on the Issue of Okinawan Restoration
Hiroshi KOMATSU (Waseda University Institute of Ryukyuan and Okinawan Studies)
・Okinawa and the U.S.-Japan Alliance: Discussions on the U.S. Marine Corps and Deterrence since 1990
Shino HATERUMA (Graduate School of Asia-Pacific Studies, Waseda University)

【Discussant】Tomoki KUNIYOSHI

Language: Japanese

45◇Present-day Challenges to the Historical and Cultural Representations of Military Base Towns:
A Case of Koza, Okinawa City

Conference Room 2

【Chairperson】Takashi YAMAZAKI (Osaka City University)

・Projects for the Compilation of the History of Okinawa City and the City’s Exhibition Room for Postwar Cultural Materials “Histreet”
Takashi ONGA (General Affairs Department, Okinawa City Government)
・Koza and Women’s History: Focusing on Base-related Vocations
Akane ONOZAWA (Rikkyo University)
・Understanding the Postwar History of Koza beyond Written Materials: A Perspective of Street History
Takashi YAMAZAKI (Osaka City University)

【Discussant】Miki MAKIYA (Osaka City University)

Language: Japanese

46◇Subjects and Methods on Modern Historical Studies in Okinawa: Referred to the Organ of Educational Association in Okinawa Prefecture “OKINAWA KYOUIKU” (1906-1944)
Conference Room 3

【Chairperson】Kenichi FUJISAWA (Fukuoka Prefectural University)

・Education: Focused on Japanese Standard Language Education
Kenichiro KONDO (Hokkaido University)
・Arts: Focused on Traditional Performing Arts and Traditional Music
Wakana MISHIMA (Okinawa Prefectural University of Arts)
・Idea: Focused on Okinawa Districts Studies
Yoshiki SAKAI (Nagoya City University)

【Discussant】Harumi MIYAGI (University of the Ryukyus)

Language: Japanese

47◇【Special Program】Ryukyuan Kamishibai (picture-story show) with Music
Ono Memorial Hall

[Program 1] Dawn of Okinawa・The Tale of King Satto
Story: Eikichi HATERUMA
Music: Susumu KUMADA(piano + α)
Illustrations: Roselle KAWADA
Narration: Kanna SUEYOSHI

[Program 2] Shimadate Shingo 〜 Chants of the Yuta of Okinoerabu Island 〜
Illustrations: Akemi MOCHIDA and Yumi NAKAJIMA
Songs and Instrumental Performance:
Shisas (Akemi MOCHIDA・Chiaki HIRASAWA), Hirono MIO (Violin),
Yu KASAHARA (Percussion)

■Saturday 31st March Session 4 (18:30-20:30)■

48◇Closing Panel: Memories of Okinawan Studies, Predictions for Okinawan Studies
– What does Okinawan Studies signify for the generations since “Reversion”? (Provisional title)
Ibuka Hall

【Chairperson】Ichiro TOMIYAMA (Osaka University)

Wesley UEUNTEN (San Francisco State University)
Annmaria SHIMABUKU (University of California Riverside)
Makoto ARAKAKI (Okinawa Christian University)
Kazuma MAETAKENISHI (Waseda University Institute of Ryukyuan and Okinawan Studies)



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